Boards etc.

2011: JISC Advisory Group for Repositories and Curation Shared Services programme.  

2011: Consultation of the Wissenschaftsrat on the Future of Information Infrastructure in Germany (Institutional Perspective).  

since 2011: LIBER Scholarly Communication Working Group on eScience.  

since 2011: Advisory Board of German Data Service Centre for Business and Organisational Data DSZ-BO.  

since 2011: EMBL-EBI European Bioinformatics Institute, Literature Services Group, Advisory Board.  

2010: Commission Future of Information Infrastructure (by order of the Joint Science Conference (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz, GWK) .  

since 2010: appointed DFG-Committe-Member "Electronic Publishing" Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: Unteraussschuss "Elektronisches Publizieren").  

since 2010: "Independent Expert" of the European Commission DG INFSO.  

since 2010: Steering Committee of Open Repositories.  

since 2006: multiple activities, e.g. "Interoperability of Digital Repositories Advisory Group" for the Knowledge Exchange Initiative between DEFF (Denmark), DFG (Germany), JISC (UK) and SURF (The Netherlands).  

since 2005: DINI e.V., German Initiative of Networked Information (Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation).  

Conferences Committees etc.

Open Repositories 2012.    
Edinburgh (UK)

euroCRIS 2012 (Current Research Information Systems).    
Prague (Czech Republic)

International Bielefeld Conference 2012.    
Bielefeld (Germany)

ElPub 2012.    
Guimaraes (Portugal)

Theory and Practice in Digital Libraries TPDL2011 .    
Berlin (Germany)

ElPub 2011.    
Istanbul (Turkey)

Open Repositories 2011 .    
Austin, TX (USA)

ElPub 2010.    
Helsinki (Finland)

Programme Chair (General Sessions) of Open Repositories 2010    
Madrid (Spain)

European Conference of Digital Libraries ECDL 2009 .    
Corfu (Greece)

OpenRepositories 2009.    
Atlanta (USA). 9-Jul-2009.  

Milano (Italy). 12-Jun-2009.  

Strand Preparation International Repositories Workshop.    
Amsterdam (Netherlands). 17-Mar-2009.  

Programme Committee of the Bielefeld Conference: "Upgrading the eLibrary".    
Bielefeld (Germany). 5-Feb-2009.  

Programme Committee ECDL 2008.    
Arhus ( Denmark). 19-Sep-2008.  

Programme Committee of elPub 2008.    
Toronto (Canada). 27-Jun-2008.  

Programme Committee of the first DRIVER Summit: "Towards a Confederation of Digital Repositories".    
Göttingen (Germany). 17-Jan-2008.  

Programme Committee for "Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Institutional Repsositories".    
Utrecht (Netherlands). 17-Jan-2008.  

Program Committee for "Practices and Challenges in Preservation and Access for Scientific and Scholarly Digital Repositories" DCC/DPE/DRIVER/Nestor Joint Workshop.    
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Germany). 28-Nov-2007.  

Co-Convenor for "Content Aggregation and Networking Architectures" OAI 5: Innovation in Scholarly Communication, Breakout Session Organizers.    
Geneva (Switzerland). 20-Apr-2007.